Thursday, December 13, 2012

November Catch Up

So, I'm not dead and neither is my family! (THANK GOODNESS!!)  However, life has just been busy enough.  I know you are surprised.  I mean we only have three kids...I have been doing some substitute (relief) teaching this term so it actually did make life busier. :)  So I will try to start catching everyone up with what we got up to last month.  I'll just start at the beginning (because its a very good place to start. :)), my birthday! 

Andrew and the kids got me a "crot pocker".  They were so excited.  I taught that day and Andrew only worked a half day so he picked them up early and they wrapped my present before taking Eleanor to ballet.  It was waiting for me when I got home and so when they arrived they ran in the door and couldn't wait to put the card and bow on that Marshall and Daddy got while they were out and about.  It was a nice day. 

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 Our next door neighbors have a foster son who's birthday was the 3rd and to celebrate his 13th birthday and 10th year with the family he had a picnic at Mavora Lakes and we were invited.  It was a cold day, but sunny so we bundled up and headed out.  The big kids and Daddy took a couple of spins out on the lake and had a good time.  Edith soaked up lots of hugs and rode around on my back. 

Where's Edith?  On my back!

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