Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Mommy's (please note the o and NOT the u in the middle of Mommy) been playing too - with the blog title and layout. I guess its time to update the family picture as well. :) Something to do tomorrow.


Its so awesome to see how well Eleanor and Marshall are already playing together. Yesterday, I put Marshall in Eleanor's bed while I was changing her diaper. When we were finished she wanted to get in and play with him. She turned on her kick 'n play piano and away they went Eleanor dancing and Marshall laughing at her. I missed most of the dancing because I had to get the camera, but here's what I got. These kids are awesome!

Here's the rest. The hug at the end is priceless!

Special Shoes

Marshall got his special shoes and brace last Friday, which means no more casts for awhile and we don't have to drive to Nashville for a whole month!!
He seems to be adjusting very well. We haven't had any blisters or sores, something I was kind of expecting after reading posts on the Clubfoot Group I belong to on Yahoo (nosurgery4clubfeet). He is wearing what are called Mitchell sandals and a Dobbs bar. We have been really happy with both - the sandals go on easily enough and the bar lets him move his feet up and down independently. I think this is why he has adjusted so well. Marshall hasn't had any fussy periods that are due to his new foot arrangement. (He has been hungry and tired though and does let us know about it from time to time!)
Eleanor likes to try to help take them off and has been really good about knowing they are not a toy to play with. And how awesome was it that they could take a bath together! Previously, I was giving them separate baths due to the fact that Marshall's cast couldn't get wet.
Here's hoping the boots and bar continue to go well!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All About Me

As life should be when you are two years old life is "all about me". This week in creative parenting Daddy has gotten Eleanor to help feed Marshall and share her balloons. Marshall loves to watch the balloon fly around and Eleanor now knows "Eleanor's turn" and "Marshall's turn" very well. Here she is holding the bottle. Again, there's an "Eleanor's turn" and a "Daddy's turn". Daddy has the longest turn...

Decorated Cast

As we speak the last cast (hopefully) is soaking in vinegar and will soon be removed. Here are the decorations Eleanor and Daddy put on.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Cast!

Marshall is on his last cast at the moment. The clubfoot has been corrected and he gets his new shoes and brace on Friday. Dr. Martus is very pleased with the movement in his foot, which is really good news. From what we've read it sounds like the foot being able to move is super important. He will start off wearing his special shoes for 23 hours every day for the first three months. Hopefully, he will transition nicely into them and not be too fussy. He's a pretty content little guy so we think it won't throw him too much. :)
Eleanor and Marshall have been playing together a lot lately. He fully has control of his head and loves for you to hold him sitting up so he can watch her run around like a yay-who. When he lies on the floor Eleanor likes to give him hugs and kisses and make faces at him to make him smile. It so cool to see that they are already interacting. She and Daddy have even decorated his last cast. (pictures to come tomorrow, I'm not on the computer with the pictures.)