Sunday, August 17, 2008

Going Out

After we wished Mommom a happy birthday we went to Max's and enjoyed the nice cooler weather. Eleanor was very sociable and made everyone smile. She also sat in her seat at the table like a big girl and gave everyone lots of smiles or made them smile.

Mommom's Birthday

Here we are celebrating Mommom's birthday. There are 4 generations of Marshall females! We made Mommom a chocolate cake to share with New Haven to celebrate her 97th birthday. They ate it all so Hannah had to make another one for the people at home. (Because what's a birthday without cake...)
Mommy even dressed Eleanor in her special white outfit for Mommom!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Playing with Toys

Eleanor is starting to hold on and examine toys when placed in her hands. Her favorites continue to be her own hands. She loves to make a fist and just stare at it and suck on it and open and close it. Its very ground breaking and entertaining for a 2 month old!
She had her two month check up and first set of vaccications today. She did well during the check-up but was not a fan of getting shots (who is?)! However, she is doing well now listening to Daddy read her a story.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Or dancer?

Or maybe she will be a dancer??? Here is Eleanor moving along to Billy Joel.

Future Olympic Swimmer

Here is Eleanor enjoying her first swim in her grandparents pool. She likes that they keep it nice and warm! Eleanor enjoyed being in the water and can't wait to get back in. Who knows maybe we will see her at the Olympics someday??

Orange Bowl Bath

At Uncle Zach's Eleanor had to take a bath, but he didn't have a plug for his kitchen sink, so Mommy found the biggest bowl she could find. It wasn't very big, but it worked and little Eleanor ended up a clean bean. Now she has a flash comfort bather, which she like to make rock and bounce.

Very Lucky

Eleanor is very lucky to have 3 great grandmothers and to have already met all of them! She is pictured with them below in the following order: Granny Hammonds (who I apologize for being upside down, but no matter how I saved it blogger reverted to the original...), Great Gran, and Mommom.

Two Down, One to Go

Eleanor is very lucky to have three uncles. Zach - in California, Sam in Kentucky, and David in England. She got to meet Uncle Zach after her first international flight while we got used to the time and temperature change. He took her to the beach.
Uncle Sam helped her moved into her new house. It was very hot work during the middle of July, making him refer to Eleanor as a "little ball of heat".

Eleanor hasn't been across the ditch yet to met Uncle David and Anna, but is exciting about it when the time comes. She is jealous of their trip to Italy though!

(Sorry the pictures are the wrong way. Its the way Blogger automatically uploads them.)

Long Overdue

Well, we have made it to Paducah! Eleanor did an excellent job of flying only eating and sleeping. Since then she has started growing like a weed. We can't believe how quickly she changes. She even sometimes sleeps through the night now! Eleanor loves giving everybody smiles and watching her hands. She's very good at getting her hand or arm in her mouth and sucking away. Will she be an arm sucker like her mother?? Only time will tell. Here are some cute pictures and other posts showing things we have been doing since leaving New Zealand.