Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clubfoot/Weekend Update

We just returned from Nashville and Brevard.  On the way to the 75th reunion at Camp Gwynn Valley (where Andrew and I worked and met) we had a visit with Marshall's clubfoot doctor.  He has had his boots and bar on for a month now and the doc was very pleased that Marshall's foot had maintained all the progress made with the casts.  Two more months of 23/7 wearing. 
After our trip to the doctor we continued east and stopped in Pigeon Forge for the night.  In true Eleanor fashion she did not sleep AT ALL in the car and we hoped she would nap at the hotel - wrong!  Instead she was so excited all she could do was run around on her tiptoes.  Once she calmed down a little we took both kids for a swim.  Eleanor and Mommy chased and tried hard to catch Marshall and Daddy.  Let me just say that Marshall is already a little fish at 4 months and was very hard to catch! 
Once we arrived in Brevard we stayed with Jeff and Shelley and met Arlo, their new puppy.  Eleanor thought he was great as long as he was in his "house".  On the way home she kept wanting to play with him so they must have ended up as friends.  While in Brevard we enjoyed catching up with old friends at the reunion. 
It was fantastic to get away and see our friends and be in a place that we love.  I'm hoping to post pictures on snapfish tomorrow and will add the link once I do.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mad Skills

Marshall has developed some mad rolling over skills.  In this video he was having some "boot free time" but he can do it with his boots and bar just as well!  He has also mastered rolling onto his tummy, but I have yet to get that on tape as he usually does after he goes to bed.  We love this little guy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Occupational Hazard

There are really lots of occupational hazrads of being a Mom, but one I've encounted several times this week is listening to "The Wiggles" or another sing along in the car WITH NO KIDS!  I've even been singing along.  And I'm sure this will continue to happen.  Hopefully, I will keep the dancing in check.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for ice cream!
Recently, we took the kids downtown to get ice cream and sit by the river.  Eleanor enjoyed her very own and sampling from Daddy's.  Check out Daddy's skills as he holds two cups of ice cream and Eleanor and manages to eat some of his own too!
Marshall is looking forward to the day when he can try some too.