Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a busy week! It was my last week at school and brought lots of mixed emotions. Sad because I've been teaching there for just over 2 years and glad to be able to relax and slow down. The kids gave me flowers on Friday at assembly and I have been enjoying them this weekend. School also gave us a baby shower (pictures on Flickr Page) and we got lots of goodies for Eleanor. She's very lucky to have such great friends!
We also finalized the sale of the house this week! Which means all go ahead for getting ready for baby and moving back to Kentucky. We are moving back to the Browns farm on Tuesday and will be there until the end of May. Look for updates about where we will be in June. (Life is never boring at the Andrew Hammonds' house...)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Travels

Andrew and I have been taking advantage of the great fall sunshine we have been having in Southland. A couple of weeks ago we took a drive to the Catlins and did a few short walks and saw some local residents (seals), an old lighthouse, and a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Last weekend we had to travel up to Christchurch to see the US Consulate General. It was a long trip in the truck for me. There were lots of pit stops! On the way home we took the inland scenic route and stopped halfway home at Wanaka. We had a delicious Mexican meal at "Amigos" and woke up to a gorgeous day in Central Otago. We traveled up to Mount Aspiring National Park. There were fantastic views to be had and will definitely be a place to check out again in the future. Due to the fact that Andrew has a very pregnant wife we only took a short walk to an old swing bridge and were unable to complete the 2-3 hour hike straight up the side of a mountain. You can check out some pictures from New Year's at Wanaka and our trip to the Catlins on our flicker page. I will try to get pictures from the latest weekend in Wanaka up soon.