Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snow Day

It snowed here the other day.  We didn't get too much around the house but it was beautiful to watch it fall out the window all day and the hills and mountains around us are now providing us with a fantastic view and backdrop.  Andrew took the kids out to play and the game was run away from Daddy and the camera.  He managed to get a few great shots anyway.  They came in happy, tired and warmed up with hot chocolate.
Isn't Marshall's hat awesome?!  He likes to wear it backwards. :)

Off to the puddle!

No - more snow must be eaten

Is that the camera?  Better Run!

I love this close up! (Sorry about the dirty face.  Its breakfast and morning snack.  We were having a lazy morning...)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Bigger Everyday!

In case you missed it, Edith is moving!  And I mean from point A to point B army crawl style.  However, until just today she wasn't sitting unassisted.  But today that changed!  She's not setting any world records or anything, but that's not the point!

After her bath this afternoon I had her on the waterproof mat for some diaper free time and was trying to KEEP her on the waterproof mat so thought I would sit her up for some practice.  Then I took my hands away to see how long she would stay that way.  I was surprised (in a good way) that she did! Marshall even gave her a clap (Which was also extremely cute.).  Eleanor gave her a hug, which was more of a tackle and knocked her over.   Then I sat her back up after retrieving the camera. :)

Duck Outfit

This is one of our favorite outfits.  Eleanor and Marshall were both ducks for their first Halloweens, but Edith will be too big for it by the time Halloween gets here!  However, all of them have gotten lots of wear from it on other days too.  It will definitely be going in the "keeper box". :) 
THIS IS ELEANOR!!  Was she really this little?!  (And bald?)

I can't sit up!  And my hand is so much more interesting...

Please note there are matching shoes and socks and as a first time mom the whole outfit was on the baby and the moment it came off it was shoved back on.


Some people may get candy for Halloween but MarMar knew this would be a better treat!
Please note Marshall is wearing the matching socks.  They stayed on for the most part.

Smiley bean!
Til next time.  And no she did not wear the matching socks and shoes (but I do know exactly where they are!).  She did start with some but they came off after about two minutes and I gave that fight up a long time ago! 

Edith Eating Carrots

Edith started eating cereal two months ago.  Yes, I forgot to post about this, but you can find pictures of this in the April Pictures post.  She tried carrots for the first time last week.  (All of the kids started with carrots so I figured I needed to keep up the tradition!)

Feed me!  This bib is hard to chew up. (but I'll do my best!)

I can use my hands!


Is she gonna let me finally put this in mouth?!

Mommy helps

Yes.  Food in my mouth.

Not sure about this, but I'll give a cute look.

That was fun!  Can I do it again?


Who hates housework?  My hand is up, but Eleanor and Marshall are not on the front row and waving theirs madly.  In fact, they argue over who's turn it is to mop and vacuum.  When I ask who wants to dust they run to the drawer and ask for their favorite color!  Please cross your fingers for me that this will you can start laughing at me and calling me crazy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

April Photos from Snapfish

Have uploaded photos from April.  Check them out if you want!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Edith is on the move

Edith can't sit up but she sure knows how to roll and scootch around the floor to get what she wants!  We also set up the the jolly jumper and its been a big hit!  Hopefully, you can stick through the long video and less than stellar skills (like not being able to rotate video?  But she still looks cute! :)).  But SHE'S MOVING!!!  o.m.g.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Eleanor

Here are just some cute things Eleanor has been up to lately.

She tells us all the time that she's a princess (which is probably true...).  For her third birthday she specifically asked Gran for a purple dress up princess dress.  Gran made her an awesome dress and it still fits her - score!  For Christmas she asked for a princess crown and shoes and Santa Mommom obliged.  (Obviously, the great-grandmas are on to something here!)  She regularly gets dressed up dance but the other day she dressed up and then went to Edith's room and stood on a stool so she could admire herself in the mirror. :) 

Her big present from us for her birthday are ballet lessons.   She is loving it!  We got her a leotard (with twirly skirt), tights, and shoes.  She would just borrow a "proper ballet crossover" from the studio to keep her warm when it was cold (its winter at the moment so - its cold!).  MarMar and JonJon wanted to get her something for her dance classes and since she pretty much refused to borrow one even when she was cold this was the first thing that came to mind.  Her he she is showing off her "pointy toes" and her new crossover.  The crossover was waiting for her at her next lesson and it was the first thing she told me about and showed me when she got home from carpooling last week!  It was a big hit. :)

And she's a great big sister!  She has been playing great with Marshall lately and loves on Edith all the time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Queen's Birthday

Eleanor has two almost birthday buddies.  We all know (and love) Uncle Zach, but her other - The Queen!  (That must explain why she tells us she's a princess....:))  On Queen's Birthday (June 5th) we took the kids to the beach at Riverton.  It was a chilly breeze, but it was great to get out of the house for awhile after a round of winter colds.  We all had a blast!
Building castles

Filling pails

Pack it in

"Hep me"
Is that Edith supervising?!  Why yes, I think it is...;)

Rock Climbing

Made it to the top!


Group Shot

Running back from the waves

Wave jumping with Dad

Love this shot

And that was our Queen's Birthday weekend.  Hopefully, next time we get to the beach we'll be able to take the canoe off the top of the van and get the fishing lines out!