Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Eleanor

Here are just some cute things Eleanor has been up to lately.

She tells us all the time that she's a princess (which is probably true...).  For her third birthday she specifically asked Gran for a purple dress up princess dress.  Gran made her an awesome dress and it still fits her - score!  For Christmas she asked for a princess crown and shoes and Santa Mommom obliged.  (Obviously, the great-grandmas are on to something here!)  She regularly gets dressed up dance but the other day she dressed up and then went to Edith's room and stood on a stool so she could admire herself in the mirror. :) 

Her big present from us for her birthday are ballet lessons.   She is loving it!  We got her a leotard (with twirly skirt), tights, and shoes.  She would just borrow a "proper ballet crossover" from the studio to keep her warm when it was cold (its winter at the moment so - its cold!).  MarMar and JonJon wanted to get her something for her dance classes and since she pretty much refused to borrow one even when she was cold this was the first thing that came to mind.  Her he she is showing off her "pointy toes" and her new crossover.  The crossover was waiting for her at her next lesson and it was the first thing she told me about and showed me when she got home from carpooling last week!  It was a big hit. :)

And she's a great big sister!  She has been playing great with Marshall lately and loves on Edith all the time.

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