Monday, June 25, 2012

Duck Outfit

This is one of our favorite outfits.  Eleanor and Marshall were both ducks for their first Halloweens, but Edith will be too big for it by the time Halloween gets here!  However, all of them have gotten lots of wear from it on other days too.  It will definitely be going in the "keeper box". :) 
THIS IS ELEANOR!!  Was she really this little?!  (And bald?)

I can't sit up!  And my hand is so much more interesting...

Please note there are matching shoes and socks and as a first time mom the whole outfit was on the baby and the moment it came off it was shoved back on.


Some people may get candy for Halloween but MarMar knew this would be a better treat!
Please note Marshall is wearing the matching socks.  They stayed on for the most part.

Smiley bean!
Til next time.  And no she did not wear the matching socks and shoes (but I do know exactly where they are!).  She did start with some but they came off after about two minutes and I gave that fight up a long time ago! 

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