Sunday, June 10, 2012

Eleanor is 4!!!!

Who can believe it?!?!  Eleanor and Marshall woke up (early) as usual and Eleanor got herself dressed while they (unusually) played before coming down to our room to wake us up.  We had breakfast and opened presents and then played in the mud (see pictures below).  Eleanor got gumboots and ballet lessons from Mommy and Daddy; a Strawberry Shortcake doll and jump rope from Marshall and Edith; a purple pillowcase, apron, and puzzles from Granny and Grandad; a "real" ballet crossover from MarMar and JonJon; and a puzzle book from Bob and Elspeth.  It was a great day at dinner Eleanor declared, "4 is the best ever!"

Showing off the extra digit!

Reading her  birthday card (she specifically asked for one)

Opening her purple pillow case

Pulling on her gumboots!  She has been wanting gumboots pretty much since the plane touched down. :)

Showing off her new gear and her age

Trying out her new pillowcase.  Its her "favorite" and apparently she was "exactly" what she has "always wanted" one that's purple with dogs and girls on it.  Who knew? (Obviously, Granny did!)

Making a funny face for the camera

Marshall had to show off his bed (a birthday present from MarMar and JonJon) and also make a silly face. :)

Lucky for Eleanor it was a rainy day, perfect for breaking in her "beautiful" gumboots.  They were off and running for the "mucky mud puddle" as soon as there was a break in showers.


Action shot

Today's game involved going to the back and running as fast as they could to jump in.

They would stop as soon as they got to the puddle and then jump in.  They won't be long jumpers for their technique anytime soon.

Next on the agenda was cupcake baking.  First we measured out the ingredients.  (They are standing on stools.)

Getting the pans ready.

Time to mix.  Eleanor's pouring in the sugar.

Don't worry, our resident supervisor was doing her job.  :)

Playing with the jump rope.  Its long enough that we could probably make about four jump ropes from it.  The game of the day was to each take an end and run around.

Eleanor asked for yellow cupcakes with yellow icing, some with sprinkles and some with flowers.  (She has been making this request since her third birthday.  really!)

Opening her card from MarMar and JonJon.  It contained stickers and they were distributed in about 3 seconds!!  It was a hit and she is super excited about the crossover that's waiting for her at ballet.  Pictures of that to come soon. :)

Here come the cupcakes! She's already blowing.

Blowing out her candles.

She is not telling you to talk to the hand, but rather that she's four!

"This is serious business people!"

 So that's the 4th birthday.  We went to the Lumsden playground the next day (nicer weather) and had cupcakes, chips, and mini hotdogs for Eleanor's party.  We had a shout out to Uncle Zach as well, her almost birthday buddy.


Anonymous said...

Precious times with Eleanor and family. She is so beautiful, Hannah! 4 is a wonderful age...wish she were here to start art classes! ha

Hannah Hammonds said...

She would love art classes. I wish we were closer too!