Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Doings

Here are a few snapshots of what happened in May.  must.get.better.at.posting....

Watching Sesame Street in the morning

Eleanor giving Marshall a "horsey ride"

Our green house Andrew picked up from Christchurch.  (He drove that way for 6 hours.)

Marshall pulling Eleanor in the wagon he got for his birthday.

Daddy took this one afternoon when he got back from work.  This is a usual daytime scene, but there's not usually anyone around to document it.  Mama loves it!

Happiness is playing in a "mucky mud puddle!"

Look at the joy!

Action shot!

Eleanor and Marshall love to take their guys to "school".  They are all lined up and ready to go! 

Getting so big!  Look at how precious her clasped hands are!

Smiling.  She just cut two teeth!!  (Yes, at 5 months!)

Chewing on Sophie the Giraffe.  Are more teeth coming?
"I can be a big kid.  I know I can, I know I can!"  Edith is playing with the puzzle box.
On a side note:  I can't believe Eleanor will be 4 in two days!!!


domestiCate said...

Everybody looks great! Sounds like Edith is trying her hardest to catch up with her big brother and sister. She's too cute!

kiwinutter said...

Your kids are even more delightful in person :)
Hope they are enjoying my music sessions