Monday, December 24, 2012

Just a little bit of Random

I made the children some sidewalk paint and they had a great time painting the side walk.  Even Edith got into it!

 Edith played with her bumbo seat while I got dinner ready the other night.  She got into and out of it herself several times.  This time she got stuck!  I got her out right after I took the picture. :)

 Andrew cut down this tree. It landed perfectly so he took a picture of it.
 Edith watched the entire thing from the door in amazement.  She did it mostly standing.  Going from sitting to standing without help is her latest trick.

Christmas Cookies

We made gingerbread men from Santa like we have done before (2010 - we did do it in 2011, but someone forgot to blog about it...)
WARNING: Gingerbread Men were harmed during the making of these cookies.

The Kids

Just the two three of us

In our Christmas jammies from MarMar and JonJon

Edith is 1!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! But Edith turned one on December 15th.  She definitely completes our family and we wouldn't be without her!  She loves to cuddle and smile and laughs often.  Most often you will find her following her big brother and sister.  Its the three of them against the world! :)

Our giggly girl

She can stand on her own after pulling up with help.  (Although, not two days later she went from sitting to standing with no assistance.)

She got her birthday party outfit from a friend in KY when she was born!

I think its time for a birthday nap!

According to Eleanor, Edith wanted a pink heart cake with pink icing.

"Gimme that"

Big Bro and Sis helping her blow out the candles.  Edith helped herself to the cake.

Yeah, it was good.

Santa Came Early

Our tent
Santa brought the family a tent for Christmas.  Its a two room canvas tent with a sunroom.  We set it up in the backyard while the kids were napping one Sunday afternoon and they had moved in about 10 minutes after waking up! We think we will really enjoy taking it out and having some family time in nature.
Grillin' out

playing in their room.  They had set up bed and were "napping" ;)

In the front room

Adventures in Canoeing

We bought a small canoe and Andrew has taken both kids out on occasion to go down the local river.  Eleanor went out and there were no problems and they got down the river just fine.  When it was Marshall's turn there were some sticks blocking the way and instead of running into them Daddy banked the canoe.  Unfortunately, it came down with a bang and got a small hole that needed some tape that was unavailable at the time. :)  So the hiked it outta there and the girls and I met them after some serious bush whacking!

At the beginning, ready to go
Not too sure about this

Down the track we go

Santa Sightings

Riding on the Fire Truck with Santa.  If you look carefully past Edith, that's Eleanor.
 We had a couple of Santa sightings this Christmas season.  The first was at our Preschool break-up.  He arrived on a Fire Truck and gave everyone a new book!  Then he took the kids for a ride.  A couple of friends took all three of our kids. 
The second time we saw him was at Five Rivers Playgroup. 
Marshall and Edith sitting and looking at Santa

Marshall getting his treat

Eleanor actually voluntarily walked up to get hers!!  (She did have to watch a lot of kids get theirs first!)


Our little sand eater!

With the lambs gone, space in the greenhouse was freed up and so Daddy went to town, got sand, and filled it up.  The kids all love playing out there and its nice that's in a covered spot.  Marshall especially loves it and will go out on his own and play for hours.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fire Truck, Fire Truck

The kids learned a song at Preschool called Fire Truck" (click to listen).  For the summer we got a Fire Truck from the Toy Library.  After Daddy did some cleaning and fixing the truck works great and the kids have a great time putting out fires.  We even lit a camp fire in the back yard one evening and they got to help Daddy put it out. (Andrew had the big hose.)  Here they are in action.
Watch out!

Not sure why Edith is being transported, but one looks happy :)

Watching the heros


Oh, you really just wanted  drink?

Visiting on a Windy Day

When its windy Bob and Andrew don't fly.  They do other jobs like truck or plane maintance or have the day off.  A couple of weeks ago it was windy day and Daddy washed the trucks.  The kids and I made some morning tea and walked over to the yard to share with Daddy and see the trucks.  This is one of Marshall's favorite things to do!  We ate on the back of the transporter and then they got to get in the cab.   

Mommy's view

Eleanor inside

This is what Marshall does when you ask him to look at the camera and smile. 

Edith and self portrait of Andrew

Monday, December 17, 2012


Eleanor's looking "fantabulus".  (She went and got herself dressed and is wearing sunglasses, shorts, socks, and high heels.) 

Horsing Around

Hey, being a cowgirl is thirsty work!

Is the rodeo coming soon?  I'm ready.

Playing in the box

I think Edith's expression looks like Mommom. :)

The superhero is close by!