Monday, December 24, 2012

Edith is 1!!

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! But Edith turned one on December 15th.  She definitely completes our family and we wouldn't be without her!  She loves to cuddle and smile and laughs often.  Most often you will find her following her big brother and sister.  Its the three of them against the world! :)

Our giggly girl

She can stand on her own after pulling up with help.  (Although, not two days later she went from sitting to standing with no assistance.)

She got her birthday party outfit from a friend in KY when she was born!

I think its time for a birthday nap!

According to Eleanor, Edith wanted a pink heart cake with pink icing.

"Gimme that"

Big Bro and Sis helping her blow out the candles.  Edith helped herself to the cake.

Yeah, it was good.

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