Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Favorite Park - Queenstown

Recently, we discovered Queenstown Park.  We started out at the duck pond and the kids wasted little time getting into the pond to chase the ducks.  Actually, they were singing "5 Little Ducks" so I think the expected them to come back and play, but they didn't...
Let's go ducks
We continued towards the lake and found the playground.  The big kids enjoyed playing on the swinging seesaw.

Daddy took the big kids on a ride in a paddle boat. 
 Back on the beach.  Sibling love.  (Edith may or may not be eating a stone.  She's the third child though so we really have no control over what she puts in her mouth...:))
 Before heading home we played on the trees growing near the water.  Lots of fun which made the ride home nice and quiet! ;)

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