Monday, December 17, 2012

Ballet Break Up

 Eleanor's ballet break up was on November 30th.  Each class performed for about 10 minutes showing off small routines and basic skills from their lessons.  After that each dancer was called by name to receive a certificate.  (We may or may not have left early...)  The break up started after bedtime so the babies stayed at home with a babysitter and Mommy and Daddy had a special night with Eleanor.  She was so excited that she got to "perform on the stage" and "wear her hair in a bun like a real ballerina".  She did as awesome job dancing and sitting on the stage during the other dances.  Our ballerina was so excited she talked the entire way home only falling asleep as we could just see the house...

"They told me not to wave and I'm not sure about this, but since you are waving like idiots at me I'll pretend to know you for a minute."

She is the third one from the left - waiting on her performance.

At the end on stage with all the dancers

Listening for her name to be called

Clapping for the other girls
"Who me?!"  (She was the last 4 year old called.)

Checking out each others certificates

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