Sunday, December 16, 2012

Goodbye Lambs, Hello Weekend!

November also saw the end of all of our lambs.  Baby died and we took Ashley back to live with her lamb friends on the farm.  (She was bred for wool and not for Christmas dinner...and she was a bit lonely after Baby left. :))  Marshall gave Ashley her last feed of milk - in style, no less...

Check out the sunhat, pj top, and gumboots - this kid is all about style!

 We packed up stuff for a night away and loaded everyone in the van and put Ashely in the in trunk lined with cardboard.  Eleanor gave her pats on the way "to see her lamb friends".
Petting Ashely

 She settled down for the ride.  I think she was a bit sad to see us go as it was a cloudy/showery morning, but we put her in a paddock with "her lamb friends" and there was a dog kennel so I know she would have found a pal and shelter.  We, too, were a bit sad to see her go, but in the long runits for the best.

 After dropping off Ashley we headed into Invercargill and ran our errands.  We ended up at Queen's Park where we played in the fountain and playground.  Not feeling like the drive back to Mossburn we stayed the night at a hotel. Which was also a big adventure.  After two plays on the playground and no nap these kids were worn out!
Stripped down fountain play

Edith got in on the action too!

Paddle play pool at the playground

Marshall found it a bit cold, but wouldn't stop playing!

8:30 pm: Finally, asleep, Eleanor and Marshall had to share a bed at the hotel.  They started out with a pillow down the middle.

Edith slept on a mattress on the floor.

11:00 pm: See how well that pillow worked out...
In the morning we headed home via the grocery store and Winton Open Day.  It was a nice weekend together.

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