Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Afternoon

Fall is truly here now. We are enjoying the cooler weather and have had to start getting out the warmer clothes. Several of Eleanor's newborn outfits have had to be put away, but some still fit (OK, they are no legs.)!
Early on in the fall we enjoyed a picnic and walk at LBL one afternoon.

Baby Shower

Some of our friends threw Eleanor a baby shower recently. We feel very blessed to have such nice friends and are very lucky because they gave Eleanor a lot of nice toys, outfits, and other baby items. Eleanor was excited because she likes playing with lots of people and getting dressed up in her dress. She had such an exciting afternoon that she didn't have much of an afternoon nap, good thing she took two good ones before the fun began!

Check out the size of that cake! It was delicious and there was lots of leftovers!

With Mommy, MarMar, and Great Gran.

High Tech High Chair

One of Eleanor's first gifts was this fantastic high chair. She has been eating rice cereal for a while not, but she is now able to sit in her own chair. This makes is much easier for Mommy and Daddy to feed her. Eleanor now knows when she sits in her chair its time for a meal and opens her mouth like a little bird for that first mouthful. She likes to play with the toys that make this such an exciting high chair. (Daddy also finds this toy extremely exciting...)

Just updating

Well, we have been a little bit slack lately in updating the blog, although not without lack of trying. The videos wouldn't post and it took a little bit of time to figure out the problem.
We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our rental house and have found a tenant. Yeah! Eleanor helped by playing and sleeping while Mommy and Daddy worked.
Eleanor got her four month check up earlier this month and got a very good report. She weighed 14 pounds and is 24 inches. She didn't think much of the shots...
In other big news, she has started rolling over. We went to get her out of bed this morning only to find her in a different position than when we left her!
Here are some pictures of Eleanor playing after a bath. This seems to be her favorite time of the day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soon to be Musical Genuis?

Eleanor recently got a "kick and play piano". Daddy and Eleanor both think its great! Here is some video of Eleanor "playing" the piano. She can push and kick the keys to make music.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bath Time Movie

Eleanor loves bath time! I hope my video editing debut doesn't detract from the star of the show....