Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the Move

Eleanor has started creeping. She likes the army camando style at the moment. Soon we won't be able to catch her!

Kiss Me I'm Irish

....wait! Eleanor's not Irish, but she is cute so she gets lots of kisses. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day eating steak and potatoes with MarMar and JonJon. Eleanor thought JonJon's necklace was pretty awesome and got to wear it for a little while.

Banana Lover

Eleanor loves eating bananas. Life's especially good when she is allowed to feed herself!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent Visit

We love having visitors. Recently Hannah's friend from college, Alison, came to say hello to the family. It was great to catch up and visit. She even helped us make a batch of wine. We are looking forward to Granny Jill and Granddad Jim's visit in early April.


Our little bookworm LOVES to read!

Eleanor and Daddy

Here is a fantastic shot of Eleanor and Daddy at the park.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shape Sorter

One of Eleanor's past times includes dumping her blocks out of the bucket and clapping them together. Once she's tired of that she likes to play with the bucket. Lately she's been in to eating it and using it as a drum. Its one of her favorite toys.


Eleanor loves to swing and play at the park. Mommy and Eleanor went with Daddy to take pictures and then we took advantage of the warm afternoon to play in Columbus-Belmont Park. We are looking forward to going back to see the chain that went across the river. In the meantime, here's Little E on the swing.

February 2009

Here are video clips from February. We have had a stream of Internet problems and have been busy cleaning up our yard and apologize for not being more up to date with photos and videos. Hopefully, we we be able to catch up this week!

Jolly Jumper

Eleanor loves her jolly jumper. She can spend many hours in it bouncing around. She likes to play there on her own and dance to any kind of music her Mom and Dad play for her. Here are a couple of cute shots.