Monday, December 17, 2012


 We took another family day to Central Otago at the beginning on December.  We stopped in Queenstown to buy our Christmas Tree (bonus it was 1/2 price day)!

 Then we went on to Arrowtown and had our picnic by the river.  It was a beautiful spot.  Edith ate lots of rocks, Marshall didn't feel great and had lots of cuddles.  Eleanor waded in the river and skipped threw lots of rocks in the river. 

Edith also ate real food and especially enjoyed the apricots.
 After our picnic we walked into town and got some ice cream.  Marshall rode in the stroller. :)
 In town we got a special ice cream treat.  Edith even got to have some.
"Gimme that, I'm sure shoveling in with my fingers will be faster."

"What you're going to wipe it off?!  That's great licking!"

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