Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Cast!

Marshall is on his last cast at the moment. The clubfoot has been corrected and he gets his new shoes and brace on Friday. Dr. Martus is very pleased with the movement in his foot, which is really good news. From what we've read it sounds like the foot being able to move is super important. He will start off wearing his special shoes for 23 hours every day for the first three months. Hopefully, he will transition nicely into them and not be too fussy. He's a pretty content little guy so we think it won't throw him too much. :)
Eleanor and Marshall have been playing together a lot lately. He fully has control of his head and loves for you to hold him sitting up so he can watch her run around like a yay-who. When he lies on the floor Eleanor likes to give him hugs and kisses and make faces at him to make him smile. It so cool to see that they are already interacting. She and Daddy have even decorated his last cast. (pictures to come tomorrow, I'm not on the computer with the pictures.)

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