Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At the River

Andrew had the weekend off and when we woke up and it was a nice day we quickly packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the canoe, fed the lambs, and headed off to Te Anau and found a great place to eat, hang out, cast the fishing line, and take the kids on rides down the river.  (Note: Mommy forgot the camera - thank goodness for cell phone cameras!)  They each got to go down at least once.  We only have one kid life jacket and they did really well taking turns.  While waiting both the big kids played in the water and entertained Mommy and Edith.  It was a nice way to spend the day.  We returned home with tired, happy kids and to hungry lambs. :)

Marshall playing on the river.

Eleanor playing in the water.  Her pants got wet so she went, well, pantless.

I love Eleanor's hand on Marshall's back. They were playing while waiting on Daddy to get the canoe ready for the next rider.

Edith enjoyed playing on the cushion.

Eleanor having a snack.

Marshall on the way down the river.

Let's play "Where's Marshall"!

Here he is!

Off the cushion, into the grass.

Even Edith got a ride!  She loved going down the river, but I think she felt the same way Eleanor did when she wore it at her age - not impressed.

Groups shot

Fishing with Mommy - we didn't get one, but I don't know if that really mattered.

Having our picnic

I asked them to open their eyes so they closed them!

See above caption...and the tongue sticking out.

Lovin' it

Ready to go!

Off and away

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