Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who do you look like?

A question that is commonly asked of small babies is: "Who does she look like?"  I confess I often look at each of the kids and ask this question and then make a list - my this, Andrew's that, Hoy this, Hammonds' that?
Most of the time when looking at Edith I haven't quite made up my mind about who any of her features belong too.  She is still changing so much everyday!  Most of the time I think she will end up looking pretty similar to the other two with her own unique stamp.  However, after her bath the other day I thought, "Wow!  You really look like Mommom."  My 100 year old grandmother.  I have never really thought that any of my kids have looked like her before.  And it wasn't any particular feature per say, but just the way her hair was lying and sticking out.  So if you have never seen my grandmother with her hair just combed, but not permed you will not be able to really "see" the resemblance.  (And if you do know my grandmother let's not mention that I may have mentioned her hair being combed out and unpermed on the internet. :))
Face shot!  Cutie pie! (Hair brushed back, there are whispy bits over her ears, which the camera didn't pick up)
Pushed back, wavy, and whispy looking

Another face shot, since let's face it, not everyone wants to see a funny hair do that looks like my grandmother's!  

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