Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Hanging Out

We are settling into life here in Mossburn.  The kids go to preschool two days a week and LOVE it!  The get to paint, cut, glue, and sprinkle (use glitter).  The playground is also a favorite with cars and a "filling station", scooters, slides, swings, sandbox, and a playhouse with dolls and accessories galore.  Eleanor has also discovered the dress-up station and loves putting on fairy princess wings and a blue rose crown.  Marshall really loves outside and playing with the trains inside.  They are both into the arts and crafts.
On Thursday mornings we go to playgroup in Five Rivers and the kids have a good time there too.  Last Friday we went to Gore with them and got to ride on the model train, play on the playground, and had a group picnic.  Pictures from that will come soon.  :)  At playgroup they also love the dress ups (Marshall's favorite is a muscular pirate, must remember my camera tomorrow!)  and mailbox time.  Eleanor is in the "big kid" group and thinks that's pretty cool.
On days that we stay at home the kids help do the laundry and pick-up, run around the backyard, and usually go for a walk to the playground across the street.  At the playground the other day they two big kids spent the first 20 minutes putting rocks in their socks and shoes and then dumping them out to begin again.  It really is the little things in life!

We also spend some time just "hanging out".  Here are some pictures of Edith and the crew at 'tummy time'.    Edith is getting so big.  She smiles and gurgles all the time and loves to be on her tummy and play with the big kids.  She has flipped over several time from front to back and its always a surprise to her! (Especially, in the middle of the night!)
Check out the tongue!  Eleanor was sharing her bubbie. :)

Look at me, I'm super cute.
"Marshall, what are you doing?"

Eleanor and Marshall like to "tack" each other.  Mom and Dad have to watch out that they don't 'tack Edith!

Playing together

This is fun!

This was shaping up to be a great (rare) picture of all three together.  Obviously, mom needs to get a little faster with gathering the camera. 

Eleanor much prefers to be the one taking the pictures and is becoming pretty good at capturing what she's trying to take a picture of.  Here are some of her recent efforts.  At the moment her goal is to get what she wants in the picture on the screen before she presses the button. 
portrait of Purple Kitty Cat

close up

Portrait of Bubbie [and in case you are wondering that was Bubbie's chair and when I tried to sit there I was told that in no uncertain terms.  Don't worry, I know where she gets it from. :)]
Shoes by the fire

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Anonymous said...

Wow Eleanor. Great photos. I have added them to my collection.
Love, Granny Jill