Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is where we are parking our car...

A 4 bedroom house is included as part of Andrew's job.  It has just been repainted and scrubbed clean ready for us to move in.  There's not much "stuff" in the pictures because I took them before we "moved in".  No doubt in a few week (fingers crossed) when our stuff arrives it will be even more full.  At the moment we are borrowing bits and pieces until the container arrives.
Kitchen as you walk in from back door.

Kitchen from Living Room

Living Room from Kitchen

Living Room from Hallway
Down the Hall

Laundry Room (We have filled it with an awesome new washing machine!)

More Laundry Room.  Check out the new sink

First bedroom to the left - Eleanor and Marshall sleep here

Second Bedroom to the left - Edith sleeps here
Bedroom to the right. This will be the office.
Master Bedroom (at the end of the hall).  Eleanor and Marshall had just "made" the bed.

Backyard looking toward the house

First part of backyard

Second part of back yard.  The kids LOVE to play and just run around back there! :)
 The plan is to show you pictures again once things have arrived, been unloaded, and unpacked. 

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domestiCate said...

I'm glad y'all found a place! Sounds like everything is falling into place. Thanks for keeping us posted!