Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Zealand, Here We Are (part 2)

 I wrote this weeks ago!!  Its taken this long to get the pictures loaded!  We now have good, reliable internet and a home so posts should (take this lightly :)) happen more regularly now.

So, after a short flight then a long flight and then another short flight we landed in Auckland and were met at the airport by Granny and Grandad and Dale. Dale is a friend from Brevard who was traveling and working in New Zealand when we visited so it was good to be able to say hello while our paths crossed.

Granny and Grandad were great at spoiling everyone, including letting me take naps! It was really nice to get to spend time with them. Marshall's favorite past time was playing outside in the “wala” with Grandad. He literally spent hours out there in the puddle and at the hose just getting wet. They also enjoyed running around the gardens and swinging on the swing from Granny. Here they are showing off their sunhats, sunglasses, and cool initial shirts that Mrs. Tracey from Mother's Day Out made them.

After we spent a few days at the grandparents we packed our stuff up into our new van and went down to New Plymouth and the beach for a few days. While there we played in the sand and surf daily making sand castles and jumping in the waves. Eleanor also got her first opportunity to go fishing and she and Daddy caught her first fish. It was too small for us to eat, but the cat down the road had a nice dinner. :)

We also had a chance to catch up with Andrew's Aunt Barabara each morning with a quick beach walk and enjoyed going up to his Aunt Hillarie and Uncle Rodney's farm to help shift the cows. On our last night Andrew's aunt's, uncle, cousins and their kids came over to our little beach cottage for fish and chips. Eleanor and Marshall really, really enjoyed running around outside with their cousins!

Our pleasant stay in New Plymouth ended and our journey southward started. It was a long few days in the car and crossing islands on the ferry but we made it to Southland after stopping at Lois and Graham's to give them some smiles.

 Once here we found there was no room at the inn because of the Waimumu Field Days and stayed with our good friends Kirsten and James and their kids Leah, Elizabeth, and Jack. All the kids enjoyed each other's company. Edith made a special friend in 9 year old Leah who loved to hold her and take her to play with the other kids.
Jack, Edith, and Elizabeth

We did find our own space in Riverton and enjoyed playing at the beach, rock pools, and playground. We also looked at lots of houses! It was a restless time, but it was here that we found where the future was leading. After looking at many houses that would have been ok, but weren't quite right Andrew found a job in Mossburn as a top dresser. The whole family went to the interview and I think on both sides the feeling was this would work really well. Andrew will be able to work in the agricultural industry, meet lots of farmers, see interesting back country farms and station, and complete his pilot's license. The job also comes with a 4 bedroom house that has been remodeled (in fact, its still getting the finishing touches so we haven't moved in yet, but will next week) and has an awesome back yard for the kids to play in and to grow a vegetable garden. Its even fenced with a gate!!
Where's Marshall?

Top Bunk Fun!

Where's Eleanor?
We checked out the Mossburn area before committing to the job to make sure it was a good fit for our family and we think it will be. It has lots of young families, a great school, a preschool and playgroups, a heated swimming pool (and lessons are offered). Also nearby is a library with groups for under 2's and preschool aged children and dance classes if any of our children decide they are interested in the future. There are many clubs and groups for adults to get involved in too. We are looking forward to Saturday when we get to move up to Mossburn and next week when the kids get to start “school”!


Chrystel said...

Thanks, Hannah, for the update. I have thought about you and your family, glad to know you have found "home."
Chris Janne

EJ said...

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