Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning Eleanor asked if we could make something that you mix up.  I asked her what she wanted she wanted to mix up and she said, "dots and letters".  A few weeks ago we had a shared morning tea at school (everyone brings a small plate of something to share for a morning snack) and we made homemade soft pretzels.  It was an easy kid friendly recipe.  The kids can help dump everything in the bowl and then play with the dough to make shapes, letters, and whatnot.  Obviously, they liked it since they asked to do it again.  We used this recipe, its super kid friendly and tastes great!!  Here's how it went down in pictures.  (Please excuse the PJ's it was a comfy kind of morning!)
All the ingredients ready to be dumped into the bowl.
Kneading the dough
This is one of their favorite parts.  Eleanor is looking at the camera, I was just at a funny angle.

Working hard.
Ready to rise.

Part of cooking is cleaning up and while your dough is rising is the perfect opportunity!

Risen dough, ready to play with!
This is serious.  What should I make?
Not sure,  better just nibble on it...
Eleanor making "snakes" and letters.
This is an 'n'.
After you shape them you boil them for a few seconds.  This is Eleanor's 4.
Boiled shapes ready for the oven. What letters can you see?
Baking up.
Time to eat!  They like to dip them in ranch.  Eleanor is eating her "e".
"Why yes, that is an "m" on my head!"

We love cooking!

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KW said...

Such a good idea! We have made bread before, and put it in tiny loaf pans, but the pretzel type we haven't done.