Sunday, April 22, 2012

Twooo! Twoooo!

Marshall turned 2 on Saturday!!  I really can't believe it, so much has happened in his two short little years.  He had a great day on Saturday waking up and getting his presents from Mommy, Daddy, Edith, and Eleanor.  He got a push/pull wagon and some dinosaur legos.  After everyone got dressed he (and Eleanor) helped make his "chokit" cake and then after a nap he got to talk to MarMar and JonJon and Granny and Grandad.  Later that day he attended a new friend and neighbors 5th birthday party.  While there he had fun playing in the sand box, jumping on the trampoline, and visiting the bunnies. 
We planned his party for Sunday because its Daddy's day off and we were already going to a party!  He wanted to go to one of his favorite parks and have "chee" (chicken) nuggets and "cheeps" (chips).  Which he got to do!  Then we came home and dug into his train cake.  (Marshall is very into trains at the moment!  You may have heard him screaming when we have to take his "tain" shirt off. Its torture. :))  Here are some pictures from the celebrations.
Eleanor giving Marshall his presents
"Better check that out!"
"Yep, that was worth it."

Getting into it
Actually, getting into to it :)
Creaming butter and sugar (Note: He's wearing his train shirt and train apron making a train cake.  This kids loves his trains. :))
We were closely supervised.
Best part: Licking the spoon
"Surely, I can find something else to lick"
Finished cake.  Kids mixed, Mommy iced, and Daddy decorated.  Edith supervised!
Looks good
Eleanor playing at the park
Marshall got to go on the big slide.  He also loves slides and definitely needs adult help to get up, so this was his first time since Mommy can't get up with Marshall and Edith. :)  Can you see him at the top?
Having fun
Sorry its blurry!  You gotta be quick around this crowd!

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