Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boxes Galore!

In addition to Marshall's birthday last week we all got a big present - our stuff arrived!  So far the only damage has been a couple of couch legs.  Here's what the house looked like last Wednesday.  We are starting to make our way through most of the boxes.
The moving truck!
The kids were awesome for 1.5 hours while the stuff was being unloaded.  They had a snack and "The Wiggles" towards the end.

Reunited with her "pink guitar".  (She regularly asked about it.)
Our living room

The "big" kids room.  The first thing that happened was putting up the "big girl" and "big boy" beds!
Edith's room.  Lots of boxes went in there.
Our room
The spare room
Couch on the back porch.  (Its inside now :))  Also, the legs on the left broke.  It was the only thing damaged from what we've unpacked so far and is already fixed!
The garage from the back.

And from the front.  There wasn't much room to move!
How we all felt about getting our stuff!

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