Tuesday, July 31, 2012

End of July

Just a few things.

Marshall showing Edith his train.

It was so great to see them playing together!

One morning they wanted to play dress-ups.  Eleanor got the cat costume out for Marshall.  He was happy to put it on at first.

But then he told us, "I don't like it!"  (This incidentally is one of his favorite phrases.)
 While talking to Marmar and Jonjon on Facetime Eleanor decided to do her hair.  She started by brushing it, with two brushes at the same time.  When Marshall decided to do his hair she shared a brush with him (after a small skirmish) and then slammed the door to the bathroom to "get ready".  This is the first time she has ever really shown any interest in doing her hair.  (Foreshadowing to the teenage years?  If so, she must be taking after Andrew because I'm sure I never did that...:))
The rat's nest (that was fun to comb out)

Side view. Note the purple clip at the bottom.

Front view, posing for the camera

Marshall jumped in on the photo action

Other side view

Beautiful Eleanor
 Edith's new favorite game is peekaboo.  It's just too cute!!
Where's Edith?


Uh-Oh! She's gone again.

Oh, there she is!
 We had pork ribs for dinner and Edith stole Daddy's bone.  A teething baby plus bone to chew plus success getting food off Daddy's plate equaled one happy baby girl!

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