Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Recent Vacation, part 1

Over the school holidays Andrew had two weeks off and we took off for about a week and half of it. It was awesome to just get away and hang out as a family.  Here's out it all went down...

The first night away we stayed with friends in Bannockburn.  They live in an awesome house in the middle of wine country.  In fact, Kevin manages the grounds of a vineyard.  After the kids went to bed we pretended to be wine reviewers, but really we just tasted a lot of yummy, local pinot noir. 
The morning vista.  (It was -9 Celsius)
Marshall (Richard Nixon impression?)

"no photos please"


The kids got to help feed the pigs.  It was about -8.  (I stayed inside with Edith.  Good choice I think...:))

After a lazy morning we hopped in the car and headed to Wanaka where we spent the next two days in a little motel unit over looking the lake and across the street from the playground  It was the perfect place for a base.
Eleanor going down the dinosaur slide.  (It was so cool, you walked up the tail and went down the neck.)

Once the kids saw the lake they immediately left the playground and asked Daddy to take them in the boats.  Boat rental for a 1/2 hour included life jackets and sunglasses.

"Excuse me ladies..."

Marshall thought this round-a-round thingy was pretty fun.

And Eleanor liked this one.  She told me, "Mommy, I'm learning about my body and what it can do."  This kid is smart!

While in Wanaka the "pay-gown" as Marshall calls it was the most asked for, but we did head to Puzzling World one day.  It has a large maze and lots of optical illusions.  The kids had a great time in the maze, especially running away from us underneath the partitions...)  The "Roman Bath and toilets" illusion was also a huge hit.  They loved playing hide and seek in the "potty".

Could he be any cuter?!

Where's Eleanor?

In the optical illusion room.  The level behind my head was the only "level" surface in the room.

We tried to get a picture of Eleanor "holding" up the building.  Should have done it first thing because by the time it was time to go it was a bit much to get right.
 After two days of enjoying cold, but beautiful sunny days and clear blue skies we headed east to Warrington Beach and Dunedin.  We stopped at Subway for lunch. 
Eleanor was very excited about her sandwich!

Marshall was WORN OUT!!  He fell asleep mid bite I think. :)

While driving we encountered a hoar frost.  It was long, but of course it was where Eleanor needed to have a pit stop!  It was a quick one!
 We arrived in Warrington and stayed at an awesome beach house.  And just relaxed.  The first day we traveled up the road about 15-20 to enjoy the views of Karitane and Seacliff.

Eleanor was not wanting to be photographed.

Edith showing off the cliffs.

Gorgeous sea shot

Mommy walking with the kids

After our short walk we had a picnic on the beach and built a sandcastle.

The "supervisor" and chief shoveler were the only ones available for a finishing shot.

Marshall was busy throwing rocks and shells and sand into the ocean.

Edith and Daddy caught up with Eleanor who was searching for shells and found a conch shell that hadn't been finished yet.

Eleanor thought it was really cool.

The ocean "got" Marshall and it was time to head home.  How cute does he look wrapped up in Daddy's coat?!
Stayed tuned for more parts...

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