Sunday, July 22, 2012

Since We've Been Home...

The must have photo of the baby wearing Daddy's hat

Eleanor woke up one morning pulled out the blocks and built this castle.

Here's Marshall working on his.  (Notice the number of blocks he got in his pile.  I'm sure I know younger brothers who can relate...(Zach? Sam? Marshall will need advice and encouragement.  Eleanor is just like me....:))

More castle building

We made some pumpkin soup.  Eleanor decided to feed Marshall.

I think she got it down his throat.

What?  Do I have lunch on my nose?

Eleanor and Daddy playing their guitars together.  I love the no pants look.

Edith is also a princess!

Marshall loves to take Edith down the slide.

Photo by Eleanor

Eleanor was playing outside and just running and singing and dancing.  She was just so happy and having so much fun. 

I don't think these photos really capture it.

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