Monday, August 20, 2012


JonJon got this cool outfit for Marshall when he went on a trip once.  Unfortunately, it didn't fit him when he first got it.  (I think the hanger and the tag disagreed about the size.)  But he is now!  He wore it to church on Sunday and got lots of compliments.  He cried when he had to take off his bow-tie.  Basically, he totally ROCKED IT!  This guy's got style.... [And lucky (unlucky?) for you I included all photos I took of him because I couldn't narrow it down!)
He totally posed for this!

Lookin' handsome

"i unna take pishure"

Well, more

Excuse me ladies

Just adorable!!!!

Sometimes I just can't take the cuteness!!!!!!


Tara said...

He is by far my favorite kid ever! I miss you all so much

Hannah Hammonds said...

Miss Tara, he was pretty partial to you too! And I soooo miss you too! Glad FB can keep us up to date. :)