Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Same old, Same old

Well, we have been fighting off colds and stuffy noses, but have been keeping smiles on our faces and just doing our normal routine.  We have been getting some nice spring like days and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures.  When I downloaded the pictures the other day there were 206 on the card and after I took out the out takes (like 40 some odd pictures of Marshall's thumb...) was left with 45!  Obviously, the kids have been enjoying the camera.
Eleanor dumped out Edith's box of toys and then took a picture of her playing.  I think Edith was a bit overwhelmed with her choices!

Andrew ordered 43 different kinds of seeds for our greenhouse (post coming soon) and Eleanor loves mail so she helped him open the box.

Edith celebrated Mommom's 101st birthday by wearing the special dress she gave Edith when she was born.

Happy girl!

Yes, we do give Edith food, but she likes to eat anything.  (See earlier photo eating socks, but also notice the teething rusk on the floor.)

"I found the food!"

All three playing together.  They were making a circle with their feet.

Group hug

circle time

Sister time

Edith playing in the grass

"What is there dirt on my face?"

"Here, I'll just add a bit more."

  Two kids looking at the camera at the same time and smiling!!! (Also, I think you can see Edith's family resemblance coming through.)

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