Monday, September 24, 2012

Snow Day

The day after Edith and I got back to Southland we woke up to SNOW!  The kids had a great time out playing in it and made a snowman with Daddy.  Marshall had to come in mid-build but Eleanor stuck it out.  After a warming hot chocolate we all went out to decorate him.  He wore the scotsman hat, one of my scarves, potato ears, carrot nose, pink flower mouth, coal eyes, and stick arms. 
Greenhouse first thing in the morning.  Andrew had to go out every so often and knock the snow off.  He has since improved the design to "shed" rain and snow.

Eleanor mid-build

Everyone playing


Will they ever look at the camera at the same time?!?!

Spring flowers in the snow

Putting on the finishing touches

Giving a the snowman a hug

Digging "sow"

My luggage was a day late.  Marmar and Jonjon sent everyone a UK shirt and Marshall put his on straight away.  I think it will fit for awhile - Go Cats!

Taking a "nap"

Eleanor is really into picking Edith up

Marshall is smiling so hard his eyes are closed.

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