Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Family Addition

We have added two new members to our family  - Baby and Elizabeth Lamb.  Some friends from Hedgehope who breed Dorset Down sheep gave us a pet lamb each for the big kids to rear up.  Each kids got to name their own lamb.  Guess who's is who's...
All kids think the baby lambs are great and both Eleanor and Marshall are really good about feeding them four times a day!  After feeding they take them for a run around and play in the back yard.  Daddy built them a pen in the greenhouse where they hang out during the day and sleep at night.  While Edith doesn't have a lamb this year she's hoping for one next year!

The Lambs love to chase the kids

"Here Lamb"


Marshall is getting ready to give Baby a kiss

Eleanor has actually gotten dressed for the day (in her PJ's) and is playing chase.


Marshall and Baby

Feeding Elizabeth.  (Side note: Eleanor loves gumboots and skirts. :))


such good pet owners

Marshall went with Daddy to get collars for the lambs and they had a lot of fun putting them on.  Next we need to start practice leading them around with a leash to get ready for Pet Day at school which is at the end of October.

It is still undecided if we will be serving lamb at Christmas...:)

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Kandace said...

They are so cute, both the lambs and the adorable children.