Monday, September 17, 2012

Off, Off and Away (part 1)

Well, my grandmother, Mommom recently passed away at 101, 14 days at the end of August.  Check out the obituary if you want that my brother Zach wrote.  Thanks to lots of people I was able to go back and say goodbye with the rest of my family and Edith got to accompany me back to Kentucky.  It meant so much to be there.  Edith also had a great adventure and loved getting to spend some one on one time with Marmar and Jonjon and the rest of the family.  It was very special.  So this is part 1 of the week.  (More parts coming shortly.  It involves "The Big Kids" and fun with Granny and Daddy!)

Edith did great on the long haul flight.  She had a bassinet and once she fell asleep she slept until just before landing.  She was very excited so it did take her awhile to go to bed and she did nurse on and off through the "night" but she was very good!  After checking in to our domestic US flights Edith fell asleep in her stroller "tent".  
Edith asleep at LAX

When we landed in St. Louis (finally) Edith was very tired, but recognized Jonjon immediately and went right to him and gave him a hug.  Shortly after she saw Marmar and gave her a hug too.
At the STL airport with Marmar
We stayed in St. Louis that night and then carried on to Paducah the next day.  We stopped at Olga's to have lunch.  Edith thought the straws were good. :)

 There are lots of other cute pictures of what we did on the iPad, but I'm on the computer.  Don't worry I will post those, but I have had trouble with iPhoto and had to update it and have to sync some old stuff manually so this is what you get today. :)

Uncle Zach, Marmar, and Edith hanging out.  (Edith is wearing a one owner only dress from Mommom! She doesn't have much one owner only outfits. :))
 No trip to the US would be complete without chips and salsa.  Edith had her first try...

Gimme some more!
 We were sad to leave everyone, but excited to get back to Eleanor, Marshall, and Daddy.  We woke up early on Saturday to drive to St. Louis to get on plane 1 of 4.  Uncle Zach and Edith became best buds and this sums up the relationship pretty well.  They were both asleep. :)

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