Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know, I know, you've been waiting for like 20 days for this post!  But at night the couch is so comfortable and my book calls my name...and then the sandman comes....but enough excuses!

Christmas Eve was very exciting!  We had "Hoy Christmas" by Facetime and the kids opened lots of fun stuff they all got books and stickers which were a big hit.  Eleanor also got a "diva sparkle hat" or beret, a Barbie microphone and radio (let's just say that was money well spent MarMar and JonJon!), and some tie-up Hello Kitty shoes.  Marshall received a new red jacket (they must have known he outgrew his favorite red jacket he got last year ;)), light up Spiderman shoes, and a Dinosaur Train action figure, Hank.  Edith got a special giggle stuffed thing (that is the technical term I'm sure), some really cool soft soled shoes, and a teething ring.  The kids weren't the only ones who were well remembered.  Andrew got jeans, a new polo shirt, and socks.  Hannah got new cuddleduds and socks (hey, its what she asked for!)

It was hard to fall asleep so Santa could come, but eventually after soothing fears that we had in fact tidied up enough for Santa to come and that he had enough cookies and could get down the fire and that Rudolph and the other reindeer wouldn't wake them up and that Santa knew where to leave their packages and that even though Eleanor forgot to tell Santa what he wanted he would get her something fantastic...well, you get the idea. :)

Santa did show up.  He filled the stockings with new crayons, a scrapbook, stickers, scissors, a glue stick and a new special mug for hot chocolate.  (Santa must have known these kids were getting ready to get on an airplane...) He also remembered the Edith the Eater eats everything and needed a new swim raft for the pool this summer. So she didn't get any tasty crayons, but she is now comfortably floating in the pool.

Santa knew exactly where to leave his presents.  He brought the girls fairy wings and skirts and wands and Marshall got overalls like Daddy's (even with an Airspread South patch) and a dino tail. 

Dress ups Santa left
Checking out the stocking contents.  Check out those curls!!!

Here's Eleanor checking out her stocking and already (yes at 6:30 am) the beret and Hello Kitty shoes.

Marshall and his stocking

Opening a long wanted LaLa Loopsy Doll from Mommy and Daddy


New Leggos

Our Smallest Fairy is hard to capture while still
Both fairies

After finding our cool presents from Santa and opening up presents from each other (The kids gave each other books, Eleanor got a Lala Loopsy, Marshall got Leggos and Edith got a big girl chair for the table) we had homemade Caramel Rolls and hot chocolate in our new mugs and then it was time to load up the car to head to the airport for our flight to Granny and Grandad's.  It was an exciting but uneventful flight.  Of course there were more presents, but it was also fun to catch up with Uncle Dave and Anna and Andrew's Aunt Barbara.  (More on our visit later.)

Eleanor got another LaLa Loopsey doll!! and a cool ruffle dress from Granny and Grandad and a princess purse and hair ties from Dave and Anna

Marshall got a digger for his sandpit.  He wanted to go home right then so he could try it out.  Lucky for us Granny and Grandad had a dirt pit that Marshall tried it out in.  He also got some cool new shorts.  Dave and Anna got him a super cool pig flashlight and play dough.

With her new princess purse

Does this work?

Playing playdough with Uncle Dave (getting some practice in?)
 When Edith woke up from her nap the big kids helped her open her presents (and I use the word help loosely as it was more like rip the paper off and then try to be the first to play with it.).
Am I getting presents?

We took a family photo just before dinner.  Well done to all the adults who are looking at the camera, and Edith!

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