Monday, January 14, 2013

At Granny and Granddad's

After Christmas Morning and traveling to Granny and Granddad's we spent a week up there hanging out and having fun.  We enjoyed some nice hot sunny days and some rainy ones as well.  We took picnics to a local bird sanctuary, a beach where we got to ride an old electric tram, and to the river mouth/ocean to kayak.  This post is to show some of the fun we had at their new house.

One evening we played ball in the back yard (and a big thanks to Aunt Barbara for taking pictures!).  It started off with Eleanor and Daddy.
And then Mommy and Marshall went down to join in the fun and it became "The Girls" against "The Boys".
"The Girls" running to kick the ball
Face off :)
 Eventually becoming everyone against Daddy
Go kids!
The kids really enjoyed swimming in the pool.  They went on several occasions!
First swim, couldn't even wait for the swim suits!

Splish, splash
What? Did I miss the swim?  I've taken a nap now, let's go!
After Edith got bath toys for Christmas they were also fair game for the pool.  The squirters were fun!

Edith made it into the pool!  The big kids really enjoyed pushing her around and I think Edith liked the rides.
All three "posing"

Eleanor dressed up to look "fab-u-us" with her princess hair ties, purse, and playing her whistle.

 As mentioned in an earlier post Marshall got a digger from Granny and Granndad.  Here he testing it out in the dirt pit.

Marshall was most often seen at the kitchen table doing his "puz-el"  Watch out if you walked by he would say, "[your name] I need hand werkin my puz-el" He really just wanted you to sit there with him as he knew exactly where each piece went!

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