Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Days

Here are some pictures of our week with snow. 
Sticking her tongue out and trying on Mommy's old gloves and hat

Painting inside

After 3 days at home Eleanor decided to go tribal.

Watching the snow from the window


Marshall was nice and warm in the snow suit Gran made him

Sitting in the sled

Daddy pulling Eleanor up the hill

Riding together

Love the falling snowflakes coming down the camera caught

Daddy and crew

Mommy and crew

Eleanor pulling the sled; Marshall eating snow

He found out it was a little deep for crawling

Instead of a snowman we built a snow mound and put icicles on top

Eating an icicle and looking cold!  We went in soon after.

Warming up with hold chocolate.  Obviously, this was a popular idea

Looking lovely with rosy cheeks.  (Marshall came right in and took a nap!)

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