Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, we were definitely all well remembered again this year.  Eleanor helped Mommy make and decorate gingerbread men to leave under the tree for Santa.


On Christmas Eve we had a yummy dinner with The Hoys at MarMar and JonJon's.  When we got home we left cookies and beer for Santa.  He must have enjoyed them, because he left some really nice presents!  

For Eleanor he left a pink guitar and in her stocking new bath stickers and magnetic shapes and letters for the fridge.  Marshall got a ride-on giraffe and in his stocking new bath toys and balls.  For both of them he left materials to build an indoor playhouse (along with a note asking Daddy and his power tools to help with construction) and a set of table and chairs to sit at.  The table even has a dry erase surface on top!  WOW! 

Mommy and Daddy got Eleanor a new big girl backpack and lunchbox and Marshall a big boy car seat.  They also got quite the haul from Granny Jill and Grandad.  Marshall got a blue bear-bear, sand toys, linking rings, and a ball.  Eleanor got finger puppets, sand toys, a ball, and her very own wallet with money in it!  Score! 

For lunch we traveled across the street to MarMar and JonJon's for brunch and more presents.  Santa remembered to stop there too and left Eleanor a new Baby Doll.  MarMar and JonJon must have some psychic connections with the Big Man in Red because they got Eleanor doll furniture.  Marshall has been wanting a new Merino Kids sleep sack so that his other one can be washed and his wish came true!  Not to mention all the wrapping paper one could eat.  (Too bad no one let him!)

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