Monday, November 22, 2010


Eleanor's rash is completely gone!  She got ear tubes put in this morning and we think its going to be a great a thing.  The doctor "sucked out" a current infection in one ear and a very thick old infection from the other.  After a short nap, a big macaroni and cheese lunch, and a long nap she has bounced back really well and its feeling much better.
Now, if we could just get Marshall better!  Marshall and Mommy spent Friday night at the ER because he was retracting when breathing in.  The ER doc diagnosed him with bronchitis, sent us home (with antibiotic), and told us to see Dr. Schell as well.  He didn't seem much better so we got him in today and yep, another ear infection.  He goes to see the ENT next Wednesday.  Yay for already maxed out insurance.
Memo to our kids immune system: You'd better buck up, after December 31st an a new insurance year begins!  haha...
Our goal for the weekend is not to go to the ER!

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