Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some New Firsts

Eleanor had her first "big girl" haircut last Saturday.  A week before she went to the hairdressers with Mommy and MarMar to check the place out for a "Girl's Day".  Throughout the week she would comb her hair and say, "Haircut. Big Girl Saturday!"  Ashley did an excellent job of trimming her hair and Eleanor was in fact a "big girl" and did so, so well sitting still and staying calm!
Big girl!
Sitting still
and staying calm.
Checking out the end result.

Marshall's first was eating rice cereal.  He has been grabbing at our plates and bowls lately so it was time he had his own!
Already a pro with a spoon
Maybe not?
I just want Daddy to feed me!
All done!
Gimme that cloth!  I'm ready to eat something else...


andrea frazer/this old spouse said...

How weird. Our kitchen set up is exactly the same. Does the dishwasher near the drawers ever drive you batty?

Anyway, sidetracked.

Your kids are adorable! Found you at BabyCenter on Lindsay's post.

andrea frazer/this old spouse said...

Oh, never mind. Your dishwasher does not open next to a set of drawers like mine does. Yours is much nicer! LOL.

Seriously, sorry for the ramble.

Jo-Ann said...

Love the Dobbs bar, wish it had been around for my son.

Hope you don't mind me adding you to my clubfoot blog roll.