Monday, January 4, 2010


Eleanor had a big Christmas. Santa Gran and Kimmy visited early with a rocking chair and "Skippy" the kangaroo. She loves climbing into her chair and reading to herself.
Christmas Eve brought lots of excitement. We hosted dinner at our house so it was a day of getting food ready and playing with Daddy. Eleanor got to Skype with Granny Jill and Grandad in New Zealand and unwrap her first present. She loved it - both the books and the unwrapping! It was then that she realized all those wrapped presents under the tree contained things to play with. Daddy spent the rest of the afternoon keeping presents under the tree and the wrapping on. He did a great job, only one bow was lost! Before it got dark Eleanor left some reindeer food on the front lawn to help Santa and crew find our house. She had a lot of fun and you can see some in the video below. (Please excuse the camera woman, as she was also being Mommy.) This must of helped because Santa had no problems.
Christmas morning Eleanor found an awesome tool bench complete with tools and building materials next to the tree. She went from saying, "No" and wrinkling her nose when Santa was mentioned to saying, "Santa" with a smile. (Hopefully, this means next year she will visit with Santa...)
After a big morning at home with more gifts from Mommy and Daddy - a booster seat to eat at the table with and a coat, hat, and mittens we traveled to MarMar and JonJon's. There we got to play with Jazz the dog and Cephus ("Kitty") the cat. Eleanor also scored a cool dollhouse and remote control. She was also great at being Santa's helper and taking gifts around the room to others. All this fun was followed by a big brunch and a nap!
We hope everyone had just as much fun as we did this year!

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