Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back at Last

OK, I have had good intentions of sitting down and updating, but that's exactly what they have been - intentions!
Since the last post we enjoyed a great visit with Granny Jill and Granddad. Check out the adventures they had with us here, on their travel blog. It was so nice that they could come and visit and we had a great time!
Lately, we have just been working and playing. Here are some links to our snapfish albums for a look at the pictures we have taken the past two months. A video is also included at the bottom of this post of the "best of" takes.
April 2009
Kentucky Derby
March 2009

Eleanor has had a little bit of a cold virus/chest infection, but is already back to feeling her best and brightest. She still prefers the army-camando type crawl and is starting to pull herself up by herself. At the moment she can only do it by herself using the bathtub or our hands, because they are the only thing low enough, but she is learning. Cruising is not far behind and then watch out world. We are finding it hard to believe her first birthday is less than a month away!!!

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