Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Storm 2009

Well, we have survived the ice. We were quite lucky and only lost power for about 2 days. The rest of our street still does not have power. (I have a feeling we are not the most popular house at the moment...)We lost lots of branches and decided to have several trees trimmed and a few removed. We are enjoying the changes and have lots of firewood now. While there was no power we stayed in the living room by the gas logs and cooked on the grill. Definitely have had my fill of hamburgers to last a while!
Eleanor is doing great! Her bottom two teeth cut during the storm so we would have had exciting nights with the power! (By exciting I mean up 4 times to settle the baby....)
Phone and internet services were restored today and we feel life is starting to return to normal. We are thinking about those people who still do not have anything.
Next weeks project is to upload some new pictures and videos.

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